Pudgell Meadow

Just down the lane from where you live is a very special place indeed: ‘Pudgell Meadow.’

A quiet, wonderful, dreamy world far removed from the frantic mobile phone and the computer run madness that we see our children disappearing into!

Should we take our children here they will smile with you and share the lives of the fantastic creatures living here in their tiny heaven.

Can you see Pudgell today? I really hope so.

The Tales of Rarl

Once upon a warm Summers day the silence was broken by the incredible, rich, croaky voice of Rarl.

Perched on the highest branch of the ancient oak tree he was trying to speak to the children busily playing below him.

They heard his call and stood in wonder as the air was filled with the most wonderful tales of magical days long past.

I am Rarl: only the golden children enter my world.

Short Mining Tales

My father spent his entire working life fighting to win coal in the once mighty Coal Industry. As a family like so many others in the region our lives were dominated by the ‘Colliery’ and we lived through the glory days when the sky was filled with countless pit wheels and the loud rattle of the coal trains in the distance.

The community was strong, dogged, determined to survive despite the constant battle for money and the growing threat of closure and unemployment.

My stories are real and reflect the happy and sad days that all mining families can remember as the coal children grow older and the life we all knew becomes a distant memory.

The stories are still burning inside me and must be told.

Ice Disciple

We live in a society where daily we are fed and nourished a view of the world that cannot be questioned. The ‘Science’ of Climate Change and Global Warming is now a central part of the school curriculum and the media spread this doctrine with incredible zest; the climate is quite simply out of control!

At  the heart of this problem is man and his insatiable need to burn fossil fuels that have totally damaged the fragile climate balance that cannot be repaired!

The fascinating thing is this: The Ice Age that will come may already have begun!

Ice Disciple – a tale of epic change and a bloody good adventure for mature adults!

Poetry Books

I have been writing Poetry since the age of 15 and hopefully will continue to do so as long as my passion remains. My books contain personal images of places I have been , experiences I have recalled and sometimes very deep pictures of events that have impacted on my life and those around me.

Poetry is my voice and it has many subtle tones tinged with sharper messages that may give you peace or solace. ( Peace is a great part of life if you can find it)

Life has been incredible so far: I hope you can enjoy some of my work.