Faint Memories Long Shadows

” The day had finally come for young Geordie Watson to go down the pit. Like his dad before him and granddad too it was always going to be the way and at the splendid age of 14 he was deemed to be ready form work.”

” Geordie was right at the back of the men, his body pressed up against the metal and hardly able to move. His arms were pinned to his side and he could feel a run of sweat breaking out near his crotch. He prayed it was sweat for the last thing he wanted to do was piss himself.”

” When Geordie walked out into the yard at the end of his first shift he was no longer a clean young man with energy. Every limb in his young frame was aching and his pants were soaked where he had been knelling in the water as he tried in vain to place his first chock. Nobody had said anything to him but he knew the would have to do better tomorrow, the team had a job to do and there was no room for shirking.”

Tales of Randy British Ladies

There are so many taboo’s in our society centred around sex and the general message for decades has been that men have the right to expect their women to be satisfied with what they get! The reality is very different and the ladies in my tales are anything but mild and grateful for the scant attention they receive. Randy British ladies: These ladies know what they want and how to get it. The message is loud and clear in the bedroom. They want satisfaction!

Four Skinhead Tales

Alan always knew he was a sex god and his gang were determined to rule their turf. These boys were smart, dressed as sharp as razors and tough like their newly shined boots. (Doc’s or Rider’s were the order of the day). They were the best of British and no one would tell them what to do or say. Skinhead’s Rule Okay!