About the Author

Stephen Finlay BSc Cert Ed.

One of six very lucky children born and raised in a strong, loving, working class home in Morpeth, Northumberland. From birth struggling to get his breadth (Severe Asthma) and creating one or two traumatic times for the family as this illness dictated. Managing to catch up at school with the remarkable help of various teachers and all the while encouraged by special grandparents and family friends. (Thank God) Beginning to rally at the age of eleven and suddenly set free by this miracle to run and play with all the other children. 

My working career that followed school and university has been focused on the private sector with a roller coaster ride within the realms of ‘Management’ as I was never destined to be a ‘Yes’ man at the table and frequently found myself wondering how on earth certain people were in positions of power and authority?

(This view remains unchanged)

My writing which began with an exploration of Poetry at the age of 15 has always been there within me and during the period 2000 to 2010 various pieces of work were eventually put together and taken into print. The following decade was primarily focused on the completion of ‘Ice Disciple’ as a written novel and this was a mammoth task and challenge. Alongside this I have been working on a set of short stories focused on the Mining Industry (Fiction) and other short stories for adults that have also been set to print and this has been a very productive period for my writing. New work continues centred on the Mining Industry and further short stories will be available in the period 2024 to 2026.

If someone were to ask what is my writing about then the answer would be very simple:“My work aims to excite and sometimes it may incite. It may please or it may offend. It may be magical; it will never be ordinary. It exists and now it is here. It will never be politically correct.”


Stephen Finlay. (A Northumbrian Miners Son whose spirit burns on coal)