The Tales of Rarl

My name is Rarl. I am older than the dreams of man.

I have seen all things of this earth. I live in the swirl and kiss of the great mists,

above the highest mountains; Beyond all mankind.

Books in the Series

Just as it seemed it could get no worse, guess what. It did. In the valley a strange, ghastly character from the evil mists came wandering by. His name was ‘Bogrot’, a terrible dark wizard banished but now somehow free. He had always been trouble and now he was determined to seek his revenge on all the good creatures of the earth.

The lightning bolt struck Bogrot’s wand from his hand, shattering it like ice into a million tiny pieces. The second bolt smacked into Bogrot with the force of a giant hammer and he was lifted right out of the valley and disappeared in a ball of sooty smoke.